"Best of Business, 1999"


The customer is always in charge, states Solon author and intemationally known speaker Hal Becker in his latest book, Lip Service. But when it comes to business engagements, it’s Becker himself who rules. It’s no wonder that our pick for Best Local Business Speaker was once named the number-one salesperson out of 11,000 at Xerox Corp. - he knows how to sell himself.

And those who attend his lectures quickly see why he’s been so successful; he believes in the power of sincere customer service and delivers his messages with a smile.

“Hal Becker uses real examples to drive home key points,” says John Kusik of Focus Business Consultants. “He’s an exciting and entertaining speaker. I always take away some great ideas.”

Becker’s first book, Can I Have Five Minutes of Your Time? was a national best seller, and he makes more than 170 presentations a year for companies including Continental Airlines, IBM, Watt Disney Attractions, KeyCorp and American Greetings.

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