Effective Sales Training and Sales Management Coaching

(This is a base outline that will be tailor-made for each business.)

Day 1: Sales Outline: Back to Basics

Morning Session

1. Sales overview / three major parts of the sale

2. What makes a top salesperson and why salespeople fail

3. Habits to break… Habits to keep

4. The six things you must know… forever

5. Why questions are everything and which questions to ask. (Customizing your own questionnaire.)

6. Features and benefits

7. Objections, and why you want them

8. Effective listening skills

9. Prospecting new business and existing customers

10. Cold calls, phone skills, and internet selling / using social media

Afternoon Session

11. Getting organized; How to use your calendar

12. Time and territory management; using a contact management system

13. Setting goals and keeping them

14. Trial close and effective closing skills

15. Customer care

16. Role plays: putting it all together

17. Sales wrap up.

Day 2: Executing the Plan and Train the Trainer

Early Morning Session

1. Management overview with President, EVP or CEO

2. Action plan for Implementation

Mid-Morning Session

3. Sales overview with field managers

4. How & why to coach… get out of the office. "Are you a pro-active coach or a re-active manager?

5. Interviewing skills. What and what not to do.

6. The 50/40/10 Plan

7. How to observe in the field and your feedback session

8. Effective one-on-ones

Afternoon Session

9. Conducting incredible quarterly or annual reviews

10. Observational skill role plays

11. Management wrap-up