Effective Negotiating: How to Negotiate Like a Pro

"I can show you what to do and how to do it; the only catch is you must be willing to implement!"

Newsweek once wrote: "Negotiating is the game of life." So, how does one prepare, whether it is in business, or your personal life?

Hal has combined well researched theories, practical strategies, and proven techniques that are guaranteed to work for you and and your company. He refers to this as "selling's first cousin."

You will learn:

  • The "6 Most Important Ingredients" that make a professional negotiator

  • The "Negotiator's Checklist," a must for all successful negotiators

  • The top ten of negotiating

  • What makes a professional negotiator

  • Where to sit in negotiations

  • Qualities of a great negotiator

  • Secret ingredients from Hal's best selling book on negotiating

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