Sales Management Training/Coaching

Hal's six step approach introduces sales managers to the fundamental coaching and management principles used by the world's top training companies such as IBM, Xerox, Proctor and Gamble and Disney. He incorporates these concepts with the methods of many top coaches in the world of sports.

  • What you need to know to become a world sales class leader

  • Are a pro-active coach or reactive manager?

  • What the 50/40/10 plan is, and why this it is a must.

  • How to observe ad conduct feedback sessions through coaching.

  • Effective one-on-ones, and why they change EVERYTHING.

  • Incredible leadership techniques

  • How to think like a coach; train and practice.

  • Interviewing skills to have people ready for a territory, not a territory ready for people.

  • How to travel with your salespeople (observe) all the time.

  • How to MBWA (Manage by Walking Around)

  • Highly interactive session that you will love and learn more than you could have imagined.

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