Power Tools: The 10 SIMPLE Steps of Sales Success

"A goal without a plan is a wish."

1. ORGANIZED: Use your daily planner and always keep in touch with clients and prospects.

2. AGGRESSIVE: Small numbers multiply rapidly. Consistently make new sales call every day. This can be habit forming!

3. HONEST: All you have is your reputation. Let other people sell for you.....and remember “People buy from People.”

4. KNOWLEDGE: Know your product or service, and the competition. An informed person is a confident and interesting person!

5. QUALIFY: The only way to sell is to ask questions. Remember you are in sales to help people, not to tell them. Be the Dr. of sales!

6. LISTEN: If you talk, you’re telling. If you listen and ask questions you are now able to understand and better help the customer.

7. ATTITUDE: Enthusiasm is contagious. Being positive helps create desire, discipline, dedication and focus. All a must in sales!

8. EMPATHY: If you always put your customer first, they will know it. They want to do business with someone who is sincere.

9. HAVE FUN: The more fun you are, the more fun your customer will have. You must believe in your company, products and yourself!

10. PRACTICE: Sales is a profession and must be treated as one. If all athletes and other professionals practice, why not you?


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