Customer Service Rules

Customer Service Rules

Power Tools: Customer Service Rules

1. People Buy From People

2. Customer Service is not what you think it is but what the customer thinks!

3. Three rules: Don’t say NO Don’t say No Don’t say NO

4. Smile and have Fun!

5. Service is an Attitude

6. Be Enthusiastic and have a Winning Attitude

7. Make the customer feel important

8. Help people not just sell them...go the extra distance

9. Answer all phones promptly and return ALL calls

10. Learn the key words “I’m Sorry!

11. Never say “I don’t know”

12. Correct problems quickly and KNOW your customer


Follow-Up Questions

1. Were you Satisfied with the recent service/product?

2. Do you have any suggestions of how we can improve?

3. Were our employees helpful and courteous?

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